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Dr Stephen Dobbins – Heaven and Hell The Eternal Reality – A Glimpse of Eternity – (Part 3 of 3)- 26/02/2017

We need to live life in light of eternity, because only the things of eternal value will survive. Heaven is not a never ending church service, it is a real place which is unimaginably wonderful. We should be motivated to share the full Gospel, we should warn people about the reality of an eternal Hell and invite them to a wonderful eternity in Heaven.

In this final part in the series Steve makes reference to a video testimony of Don Piper – 90 Minutes in Heaven, click here to watch it.

Dr Stephen Dobbins – Heaven and Hell The Eternal Reality – The Eternal Judgments – (Part 2 of 3) – 19/02/2017

How often do we preach the whole Gospel? We often preach a gospel that fits the needs of the people we want to reach. If we are preaching to the poor we sometimes talk about how we are delivered from poverty, when we preach to the sick we preach healing, this is not wrong, but the disciples were instructed to teach the whole gospel and that includes, preaching about judgment, Heaven and Hell. Steve continues in Part 2 of this series to look at what happens when we die.

Dr Stephen Dobbins – Heaven and Hell The Eternal Reality – Body, Soul & Spirit – (Part 1 of 3) – 12/02/2017

Jesus Spoke more about Hell than any other person in the Bible and in so doing He warned people about the eternal reality of Hell. The Lord commanded us to preach to people the he will judge people for eternal futures. He is The Saviour, but he is also The Judge. In Part one of this 3 part series, Steve talks about and clarifies the common misunderstandings believers and non-believers have about death. He examines what the consequences of death are for the Body, Soul and Spirit.

David Dobbins – Praise & Worship – The Obstacles To And Benefits Of – 05/02/2017

“Praise is the recognition of the greatness of God in an expressed manner…like love, praise is valid only to the degree that it is expressed” – Jack Taylor. In this, the second part of Dave’s look at the importance of praise and worship, he recaps on what praise looks like and then delves in to what obstacles we may have to praise and what the benefits are of praising God.

Gary Hayes – A Word of Confirmation – 28/01/2017

There is so much gifting and treasure in the body of Christ. We need to step out more, in to the gifting’s we have. The fact that we are alive today is evidence that we have a God given purpose for this generation and that word generation means all who are living at this point in time. We need to call out the gold in each other, the church needs us to be who we have been created to be and the world needs a church full of disciples of Jesus who know their full identity in Christ.

Dr Stephen Dobbins – Re Building The Temple – 11/12/2016

You cannot Love the Lord without loving the dwelling place of The Lord. In 2 Chronicles we see the people of God prospered when they restored the temple of God to its right state and purpose. In the New Testament the church is the dwelling place of God. What should we do to restore it to its right state and purpose?

Keith Mitzel – Paradise Restored – 20/11/2016

Keith Mitzel is an unashamed lover of Jesus Christ who has a powerful testimony of God’s redeeming love. From his base in Hawaii, Keith has evangelised extensively throughout the nations often working alongside his close friend Todd White. He describes himself as a testimony of grace and a trophy of redemption. In this message on ‘Paradise Restored’ Keith shares some of his amazing testimony and demonstrates how no one is beyond the redeeming love of father God.

Gary Hayes – Whats Frustrating You? -13/11/2016

“Whats frustrating you?…because the things which are frustrating you are the things you care enough about to change”. Gary shares the word in his brilliant, unique and impactful style. The mod father of the pulpit gets to his feet once more to challenge us to go for all that The Lord has for us… to move even if its uncomfortable to do so…to live in the fullness of all that the death and resurrection of Jesus accomplished for us, today!

Dr Stephen Dobbins – The Kingdom Seed & Fruit – 06/11/2016

Jesus demonstrated The Kingdom, He was the embodiment of The Kingdom. We too are also called to demonstrate The Kingdom. We have been given seed and The Lord is expecting us to produce fruit. Each of us needs to ask…”are we sewing Kingdom seeds and producing Kingdom fruit”