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Basic Training for Prophetic Ministry – 

We are soon to start the ‘Basic Training for Prophetic Ministry’ course by Kris Voll0tton. It’s an eight week course designed as a step by step guide to operating in the gift of prophecy. Each week we will be watching a short video of teaching by Kris Vollotton and following up with discussion and activation exercises. Before attending the course you will  need to purchase a copy of the ‘Basic Training for the Prophetic Ministry Study guide’ by Kris Vollotton, (available online). This is a 40 day, daily reading plan to be read whilst studying the course. The contents of this study guide will form the basis of discussion and feedback in the house groups and it is therefore essential that you obtain a copy and commit to completing the daily study if you wish to attend the house group. We have tried to accommodate the interest shown in this course by putting on 3 different house groups. Each house group will be made up of at least 5 and no more than 10 people. We would ask all those wanting to attend to only do so if they can commit to making it to all 8 weeks.

Tuesday Morning 10:30am at John & Kell’s (Course Leader – Alison Dobbins)

Wednesday Evening 7:30pm at Antony and Sandy’s (Course Leader – Faith Dobbins)

Wednesday Evening 7:30pm at Dave & Faith’s (Course Leader – Dave Dobbins)